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The Classic Vehicle Bookshelf is well on the way to being the biggest and best classic car and motorcycle book source, specialising in hard-to-find and rare editions.

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  • Go directly to the menu category of interest in the right column. Then within each page are the links to books on specific makes, brands or marques of classic vehicles. The books are in alphabetical order according to author's surname. Where an author definitely has a hyphenated double-barrelled surname, he is listed according to the first part of the name. Where an author has a long unhyphenated name, he will be listed according to the last part of his name. Authors names containing 'von' or 'de' will be listed in V or D, as appropriate.
  • Use the Search box at the bottom or top right of each page, entering book title and/or author. When a title is not very distinctive from other common terms such as 'classic American cars', enter the title in inverted commas followed by 'book'. This may eliminate unnecessary searching.

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The Classic Vehicle Bookshelf is a work in progress and is always being updated with new books. So if you enjoy browsing through classic automotive books, please bookmark this page.

How It Works.....

  • We have located the book and where there is a choice, you select your price, edition, book condition and bookseller location.
  • Click on the book covers or title links to go to where you will find the book for sale from any number of booksellers worldwide.
  • Occasionally, popular or rare title may be unavailable or sold out and a message 'no results were found for the search terms' will be returned. Try another search from the AbeBooks page, just in case.
  • The books may be new or used, in various editions and various conditions at various prices so you may choose exactly what you want.
  • The books listed will automatically come in order of cheapest first, so you may want to alter the list order if you are after original old editions or more expensively priced books.
  • With many of the old rare vintage vehicle books, the list may be dominated by numerous companies selling 'print-on- demand' versions. If these are of no interest, go straight to the last pages of the book list or alter 'sort results by' option.
  • The images of the books we have used on the Classic Vehicle Bookshelf may not be the same as the book edition you select. Generally we have tried to display the original edition book cover.
  • We have been advised by visitors to issue a caution before browsing the Bookshelf. You may lose all restraint and emerge with shedloads of books on order and a much lighter wallet...You have been warned!
  • By the way, if you do buy a book or two, please drop us a line to tell us what you bought. We would love to hear what caught your interest.

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