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Bultaco motorcycle books cover the history and various Bultaco models with several owner's manuals.


Bultaco were a Spanish manufacturer of two-stroke motorcycles from 1958 to 1983.


Bultaco Limited Edition Extra 1964-1970

Bultaco Limited Edition Extra 1964-1970 by R M Clarke (2006). A portfolio of 31 contemporary articles traces the progress of Bultaco production in the 60s. Included are road, trail and track tests, new model reports plus articles on Bultaco's history and racing.

Bultaco Limited Edition Extra 1971-1979

Bultaco Limited Edition Extra 1971-1979 by R M Clarke (2006) contains thirty articles, taking the story of the marque up to the end of the seventies. Included are road, track and enduro tests, driving impressions plus full specifications and performance data. Models reported on include the Lobito, El Montadero, Sherpa T, Matador, Tiron, Alpina, Pursang, Astro and Frontera.


Bultaco Competition Bikes Owner's Workshop Manual 1972 - 1975 by Jeff Clew (1979) covers Alpina, Frontera, Pursang & Sherpa T models from 1972.


Bultaco 125-370cc Singles Through 1977 Service Repair Performance by Eric Jorgensen (1977)


Bultaco Service Repair Handbook 125-250cc All Models by Tim Lockwood (1973)


Bultaco 250cc

Bultaco 250cc by Paul Snoek (1971)

Author Unknown

Bultaco Complete Bikes Author Unknown (1999)

Bultaco Motorcycle Manuals

Bultaco Service Repair Handbook 125-360 Through 1976 1976

Sherpa Trials Parts List 1970

Bultaco Owner's Manual Instrucciones Sherpa T 250 350 1972

Bultaco Motorcycle Videos

Bultaco Twin Shock Motorcycle

1974 Bultaco Sherpa 350 Motorcycle

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