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Horex motorcycle books include the history of Horex motorcycles (German text) plus some manuals and brochures.

Horex was a motorcycle manufacturer in Bad Homburg, Germany. It was founded in 1923 by the Rex glassware company, which conflated Homburg and Rex to create the brand name.


Das Große Horex Buch

Das Große Horex Buch by Jurgen Noll (2008)


Horex 2 Uberarbeitete Auflage by Karl Reese

Author Unknown

Horex Motorräder (date unknown)

Horex Motorcycle Magazine

Cycle Magazine (1954) includes an article about the German Horex 350cc road racer.

Horex Motorcycle Brochure

Horex Prospekte 1921-60

Horex Motorcycle Manual

Horex Regina 250cc Motor-Rundschau Sonderdruck aus Heft 22/1953 1953

Horex Motorcycle Videos

1954 Horex Regina 400

1953 Horex Regina Restoration

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