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I first really came aware of quite how good Italian bikes were when my buddy bought himself a Laverda Jota that simply flew when compared to my Honda CB750 four, and I very quickly twisted his arm to let me take it for a test ride. I felt like I'd been strapped into a rocket ship....The acceleration was phenomenal and I popped wheelies in the first three gears. Nothing quite beats Italian engineering excellence and style and that motorcycle was a real eye opener to me. I bought it from him about a year later and soon found out that although it was a fantastic sports motorcycle, the factory electrics weren't anything to shout about and that combined with the slightly high seating position persuaded me to change it for another Honda CB750 four. Soon after buying that I got busy with the spanners and socket set and upgraded the engine to a 960 Yoshimura conversion with high lift cams etc. The Honda never did handle the bends as well as that Laverda Jota did though!

Sorry, we have no classic Italian motorcycles for sale at present.

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