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Brough Superior motorcycle books cover the complete history of George Brough and his superior machines. Plus there are some manuals and brochures.

Brough Superior

Brough Superior motorcycles and motor cars were made by George Brough in his Brough Superior works in Nottingham, England, from 1919 to 1940.


Brough Superior From 1923: Road Tests And Features From The Motor Cycle, Motor Cycling & Motor Cycle Sport

Brough Superior From 1923: Road Tests And Features From The Motor Cycle, Motor Cycling & Motor Cycle Sport by Cyril Ayton (1990)


Brough Superior: The Rolls-Royce Of Motorcycles

Brough Superior: The Rolls-Royce Of Motorcycles by Ronald Clark (1998). This complete story of the most distinguished name in the history of British motorcycles was written with the full cooperation of the Brough works and of George Brough himself. For more than 30 years, it has been the definitive book on Brough Superior, containing a wealth of technical data, archival photographs, cutaway drawings, diagrams, and nine detailed appendices of engine specs and competition histories.


Two Superiors: The Motorcycling Friendship Of T.E. Lawrence And George Brough by Richard Knowles (2005) tells the story of Lawrence's relationship with both his motorcycles, motorcycling and with the eponymous maker George Brough. It traces his early motorcycle experience and details the seven Brough Superiors that he owned and the eighth on order at the time of his death.


Brough Superior SS100 - Super Profile by Colin Simms (1984). George Brough demanded perfection with high performance, and his masterpiece is the SS100, variants of which model (and no two are precisely alike) were long his personal steeds as they were also for other discriminating and demanding riders, Lawrence of Arabia amongst them. Scarce and costly, Brough Superior production ceased in 1940. Since 1924 only about 384 SS100 had been built.

Brough Superior Motorcycle Manuals

34-35 Owners Manual By Brough Superior Instruction Book All Models

19-40 Shop Manual For Brough Superior Titled: 'Maintaining Your Brough Superior Motorcycle' by W S Gibbard

Brough Superior Motorcycle Brochures

Sotheby's Motorcycles & Bicycles Auction Catalogues Chicago September 15 2001 & Chicago September 16 2000. Auction lots include Brough Superior and other motorcycles back to 1900.

Brough Superior Motorcycle Videos

Brough Superior 990cc Road Test

1938 Brough Superior SS80

Tribute To Lawrence Of Arabia | The Final Moment On His Brough Superior

Brough Superior At The National Motorcycle Museum

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