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Humber motorcycle books are about the history of Humber Motorcycles that also includes the manufacture of Humber cars and aircraft.


Humber Motorcycles was a pioneering British motorcycle manufacturer. Thomas Humber established the company in Beeston, Nottinghamshire in 1868. In 1896 Humber produced the first practical motorcycle made in the UK by fitting a bicycle with a Pennington two-horsepower motor.


The Humber Story, 1868-1932

The Humber Story, 1868-1932 by A B Demaus & J C Tarring (1989) traces the history and development of a company that made bicycles, motor cycles, motor cars and even aeroplanes. It carries a full technical history and chronological table of all models manufactured with production details.


The Humber

The Humber by Nick Georgano (1990). The ancestry of Humber goes back as far as any in the British motor industry, to 1868 when Thomas Humber began to make French-style forerunners to the bicycle, in Nottingham.

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