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Velocette motorcycle books cover the history and racing heritage of Velocette.


Velocette is the name given to motorcycles that were made by Veloce Ltd, in Hall Green, Birmingham, England.


Velocette Saga: The Story Of A Great Motorcycle by C E Allen (1994)


Velocette Flat Twins: All Flat Twins From LE of 1948, plus LE MkII, Vogue, Valiant, Vee Line And Viceroy, To LE MkIII Of 1971 by Roy Bacon (1985)


Always In The Picture: A History Of The Velocette Motorcycle

Always In The Picture: A History Of The Velocette Motorcycle by R W Burgess (1980). Written with Jeff Clew. This book begins by tracing the complex origins of the firm before describing the development of the principal models in chronological order.


Velocette: A Development History Of The MSS, Venom, Viper, Thruxton And Scrambler Models

Velocette: A Development History Of The MSS, Venom, Viper, Thruxton And Scrambler Models by Rod Burris (1982). Velocette - a name which epitomises the British approach to motor-cycle design - developed the Venom and Viper models in the 1940s up to production in the mid-fifties. These classic motorcycles further evolved into Scramblers, Endurance Specials, Clubman and ultimately the Thruxton models. This book follows this story and includes chapters on technical appraisal and evolution of the engine, the transmission and the cycle parts.


KSS Velocette by Jeff Clew (1984). Superb race and track heritage including those famous TT wins in the late 1920s.


The Book Of The Velocette: All Twin And Single-Cylinder Models Up To 1965 by Leigh Ferrers (1966) is a guide to the twin and single-cylinder models up to 1965 including the Viceroy scooter.

The Book Of The Velocette: All Twin And Single-Cylinder Models Up To 1962 by Leigh Ferrers (1963)

The Book Of The Velocette: A Guide For Owners And Prospective Owners Of The LE And Valiant Twins And The Single Cylinder Models Up To 1958 by Leigh Ferrers (1959)


Velocette: All Years Of Velocette Viper/ Venom/ Thruxton 350 & 500cc Singles by R Hide (1978)


Velocette Motorcycles 1925 To 1952 by Bruce Main-Smith (1960)


Velocette - An Illustrated Profile Of Models 1905 - 1971 by Dave Masters (2004)


My Velocette Days by Leonard Moseley (1974)


Velocette: Technical Excellence Exemplified

Velocette: Technical Excellence Exemplified by Ivan Rhodes (1990). The author has not only painstakingly assembled the history of the machine's development and competition successes, but also the story of the people behind the marque.


Velocette: Production Motorcycles

Velocette: Production Motorcycles by Mick Walker (2006). Velocette is one of the most respected names in the history of the motorcycle. Though not as numerous or as successful, as some machines, the motorbikes produced by the Veloce company in Birmingham command a special respect and an extremely loyal following, and machines such as the KTT and Thruxton are among the most desirable classic bikes you can buy today.

Velocette: The Racing Story

Velocette: The Racing Story by Mick Walker (2008). In 1961, a production 500cc Velocette Venom Clubman Veeline achieved a world record, twenty-four hours at a speed of 100.05 mph. It was the first motorbike of any size to perform the feat, and to this date no other motorbike of comparable size has equalled or bettered its record. It was the culmination of almost fifty-five years of technological excellence from the Birmingham factory, a time that had seen the company win both the Junior and Senior TT numerous times, as well as many other races throughout Europe and the UK.

Velocette Motorcycle Manuals

Spare Parts List for 500cc Models MSS, Venom, Clubman (MK I And II), Scrambler, Thruxton And Endurance. 350cc Models Viper, Clubman (MK I And II] And Scrambler 1974

Service Manual For LE (Mark III) Model Velocette 1961

38-46 Parts Manual G.T.P. 2-stroke By Velocette 1938-1946

37 Parts Manual MOV & MAC By Velocette 1937

47 Parts Manual MOV 250 & MAC 350 By Velocette 1947

55 Parts Manual L.E. 149cc By Velocette 1955

55-56 Parts Manual LE By Velocette 1955-1956

30-34 Parts Manual GTP By Velocette 1930-1934

26-29 Parts Manual All models By Velocette 1926-1929

27-31 Shop Manual All models By Velocette 1927-1931

46 Parts Manual KSS & KTS MK II By Velocette 1946

53 Shop Manual MAC 350 By Velocette 1953

25-52 Shop Manual 1-cyl K, M, GTP, LE 148, LE 192 By Velocette 1925-1952

25-31 Parts Manual All OHC By Velocette 1925-1931

48-58 Shop Manual LE By Velocette 1948-1958

67 Parts Manual MSS, Viper, Venom, Clubman, Scrambler, Thruxton 350 & 500cc By Velocette 1967

30-39 The Book Of The Velocette Shop Manual All Models 1930-1939

48-53 Shop Manual LE & 1-cyl By Velocette 1948-1953

46-69 Shop Manual For Viper, Venom, MSS, Clubman, Scrambler & Thruxton By Velocette 1946-1969

MAC Spring Frame Model Velocette Service Manual 1965

Velocette Motorcycle Videos

Velocette Thruxton Metisse

1957 Velocette Valiant Special 200cc

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