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Sunbeam motorcycle books include the history of Sunbeam motorcycle plus many manuals and brochures.


Sunbeam was a British motorcycle marque generally known for high quality, founded by John Marston,


Sunbeam S7 And S8 Super Profile by Robert Champ (1983)

The Sunbeam Motorcycle by Robert Champ (1980). The author has spared no effort in following the career of John Marston and those who succeeded him, from the early formative years of the company to the post World War 2 twins. The story of the Sunbeam bicycle in included too.

The Illustrated History Of Sunbeam Bicycles And Motorcycles by Robert Champ (1995)


The Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club: The First 75 Years by Tony Churchill (2002). This club was founded in 1924 and soon became a force to be reckoned with in the motor cycle sporting world. It has had its share of peaks and troughs. The war years brought a decline in membership but post war and in the 1950's the club reached its zenith .It started the world renowned Pioneer Run in 1930.


Sunbeam Four-Stroke Singles 1928 - 1939 by Bruce Main-Smith (1977) covers Sunbeam Single cylinder four strokes from 1928 to 1939 and is a reproduction of 'The Book Of The Sunbeam' first published by Pitman and written/revised by Heathcote/Haycraft between 1933 and 1954.


Sunbeam: Motor Cycle Maintenance & Repair by D W Munro (1954)


Man Of Wolverhampton by M Von Harton & M Marston (c.1980) is a biography of Charles Marston, the founder of Sunbeam Motorcycles - a true innovator.

Sunbeam, Motorcycle Manuals

Sunbeam Model 87 & 88 Instruction Manual 1951

27-31 Sunbeam Shop Manual All Models 1927-1931

32-39 Sunbeam Shop Manual 250, 350 & 500 cc 1932-1939

Sunbeam Motor Cycle Manual For Models 9, 10, 90 and Lion 1932

59-64 Sunbeam Parts Manual F418 Scooter 1959-1964

33 Sunbeam Owners Manual Instruction Book 8, 9, 90 Lion & 250 Longstroke 1933

46-58 Sunbeam Shop Manual S7 & S8 1946-1958

28-39 'The Book of the Sunbeam' by Leslie Heathcote, Shop Manual 1-Cyl 1928-1939

Instruction Manual Sunbeam 500 O.H.C. Twin 1950

Sunbeam Motorcycle Brochures

Sunbeam Motor Cycles 1927 (c.1970s) A facsimile of sales brochure first printed 1927, includes details of models for sale, specifications, standard and extra equipment, photographs, technical details and historical details.

Sunbeam Motorcycle Magazines

The Sunbeam Club News Monthly Journal of the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club - 1966 Issues 1-12, 1967 Issues 1-11

Sunbeam Motorcycle Videos

Sunbeam Motorcycle Rally

1952 Sunbeam Motorcycle S 7 Deluxe (Italian commentary)

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