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The British Excelsior motorcycle books include manuals for the Roadmaster and the collapsible Welbike of World War II.


Excelsior, based in Coventry, was a British bicycle, motorcycle and car maker. They were Britain’s first motorcycle manufacturer, starting production of their own ‘motor-bicycle’ in 1896.

Driver's Handbook For The Excelsior 98cc Welbike (1995) The "Welbike" was devised to give additional mobility to British airborne forces in World War II. This very small motorcycle could be packed into the standard CLE parachute delivered container. After World War II a civilian version gained a brief period of popularity.

Excelsior Motorcycle Manuals

35-36 Instruction Manual By Excelsior For Manxman, E11,E12,F11,F12 1935-36

The Excelsior - 150cc Universal Model U8, U8R, U9, U9R, U10 and U11 and 197cc Roadmaster Models R10 and R11 1960

The Excelsior - 197cc Roadmaster Models R1 And R2 And 125cc Universal Models U1 And U2, Running Instructions 1952/1953 Edition 1955

61 Instruction Manual By Excelsior For Universal & Roadmaster 1961

58 Instruction Manual By Excelsior for Universal 150cc U8, U8R 1958

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