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There are no Baker Electric car books but there are some vintage advertisements and sales brochures.

Baker Motor Vehicle Company was a manufacturer of Brass Era electric automobiles in Cleveland, Ohio from 1899 to 1914.

Baker Electric Car Catalogue

Baker Electric Vehicles 1909 Archival Reprint

Baker Electric Car Brochure

Baker Electric Vehicles (1907) 32 pages illustrated with photographs of Baker Electric vehicles.

Baker Electric Car Advertisements

Baker Electrics - Quality - Service (1913) Advertisement for Baker Electrics: A Luxurious Motor Car: 9" x 12". The advert shows a man in a blue suit, bowler hat and carrying a walking stick, accompanied by a woman dressed in a floorlength blue outfit with a blue and white brimmed hat. A blue Baker Electric stands outside the window. 'A highly efficient Electric, backed by fifteen years of sound engineering'. Baker advertised itself as 'the safest car for ladies to drive' and the most notable sound an electric car would make was silence. But the internal combustion automobiles were finding favour and the last Baker Electric was built in 1916.

Baker Electric Car Videos

1909 Baker Electric Car

1908 Baker Electric Car Battery Charger

1901 Baker Electric Car

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