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Duryea car books cover the history of the Duryea carriage without horses.

The Duryea Motor Wagon Company, established in 1895, was one of the first American firms to build gasoline automobiles, founded by Charles and Frank Duryea. The brothers went their separate ways by the end of the century. Frank helped produce the Stevens-Duryea, while Charles produced Duryea vehicles as late as 1917.


The 1893 Duryea Automobile In The Museum Of History And Technology by Don Berkebile (1964)


The Great Horseless Carriage Race

The Great Horseless Carriage Race by Michael Dooling (2002). In 1895, six men were ready to prove to America that the country was ready for a new mode of transportation - something faster and more efficient than a horse and carriage. This exciting account of the race that gave birth to America's first automobile company is accompanied by vivid paintings guaranteed to transport readers to the thrills of an unforgettable day in our history.


Automobiles 1906

Automobiles 1906 by Charles Duryea (1989 Reprint). This has been reprinted from a 1906 publication of The American School of Correspondence. This was an instruction paper to familiarize correspondent students with the functions of the automobile engine and other moving parts, with tips on common problems and solutions. Illustrated with technical drawings, simple drawings, and photographs.

America's Oldest Gas Car

America's Oldest Gas Car: Duryea's Second Built In 1892 To 1983: Now In National Museum Washington DC: Over Two Years Before Any Other American Gasolene Car by Charles Duryea (1937 Reprint)


Who Designed And Built Those Early Duryea Cars? by Frank Duryea (1944). Lists the facts and fallacies as concerns the claims made by the Duryea Bros.and the building of the first American gasoline automobile.

America's First Automobile by Frank Duryea (1942). The first complete account by Mr Frank Duryea of how he developed the first American automobile 1892-1893.


The Gasoline Buggy Of The Duryea Brothers by Robert Jackson (1968)


Charles E Duryea, Automaker by George May (1973). The story of the man who, with his brother, is credited with the first practical, American made, gasoline powered vehicle, produced in Springfield, MA, in 1893. Duryea went on to build cars in five American cities.


Carriages Without Horses: J Frank Duryea And The Birth Of The American Automobile Industry by Richard Scharchburg (1993). Charles and Frank Duryea, two brothers from rural Illinois, were the founders of the American automobile industry. The Duryea Motor Wagon company was the first company organized in the United States for the manufacture of automobiles. This book tells, for the first time, the story of the life and pioneering accomplishments of Frank Duryea, who did the actual work of construction on the cars, and was responsible for the practical designing and engineering of all components (aside from the steering mechanism) of the Duryea cars. In addition to setting the historical record straight regarding the contributions of the brothers, the book also tells the story of America's first automobile company taking shape.

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1910 Stevens-Duryea Roadster c.1954

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Stevens-Duryea Automobile Company Date unknown

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1903 Stevens-Duryea Car

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1898 Duryea

Charles Duryea And Hill Climbing Cars

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