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Coey car books includes a 1912 Coey's School Of Motoring brochure.

The Coey was an American automobile manufactured from 1913 to 1917. The Coey Flyer sporting car, which was built specifically for Coey's nationwide chain of driving schools.


Coey's School Of Motoring by C A Coey (1912). This group includes six lessons 1, 3, 7, 8, 9 and 10. There were 10 lessons in the course. Each booklet is 12-16 pages. A form letter from Mr. Coey is included in Lesson 3. The promotional booklet for Coey's School of Motoring cover text is 'Our school is said to be the largest, greatest and most complete Automobile School in the world and the only one actually building automobiles'. The booklet promotes taking the mail order class where men will learn the automobile business and learn to represent the Coey automobiles as a salesman. Later a salesman could take another class at the factory or on the racetrack. Many illustrations of the Coey factory, car racing and Mr. Coey's hot air balloons. Sell five cars and get one free. The Coey Junior cost 425.00 and the commission to sell one was fifty dollars.

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