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Edsel car books cover the history of the rise and fall of Edsel automobiles.


The Edsel was a marque of the Ford Motor Company during the 1958, 1959, and 1960 model years, named after Henry Ford's son, Edsel Ford.


Mercury And Edsel I939 -1969: Identification Guide by Thomas Bonsall (1982). Identifcation guide for the restorer or collector car enthusiast for the Mercury and Edsel between 1939 and 1969. All vital specification, production and registration figures are included along with a brief survey of important historical data on each model as well as tips for instant identification. The illustrations are taken from the original factory art or photography and give precise detail on each car.

Disaster In Dearborn: The Story Of The Edsel

Disaster In Dearborn: The Story Of The Edsel by Thomas Bonsall (2002). This richly illustrated book is the result of years of research with access to the reaches of the Ford Motor Company's archives. The author also interviewed most of the original key Edsel design team stylists, who have supplied additional archival material. The result is a unique history of the Edsel program from the initial discussions in the late 1940s, through the first sketches in the mid-1950s, to the last, unlamented 1960 models.


The Fate Of The Edsel And Other Business Adventures by John Brooks (1963). An account of the rise and fall of the Edsel - a new model launched by Ford in 1957 which ended in the loss of $350 million by the company. Also accounts of court hearings into price-fixing and bid-rigging conspiracies in the electrical manufacturing industry and a guide to the Stock Exchange.


Edsel 1957 - 1960: A Brooklands Road Test Limited Edition

Edsel 1957 - 1960: A Brooklands Road Test Limited Edition by R M Clarke (1997). The Edsel was introduced in 1957, and in 1958 the US economy nose-dived, hitting that section of the market worst. Redesigns in 1959 and 1960 were no help. Now, however, the car is collectible and fun to drive. This is a collection of contemporary road tests, technical data, engineering driver's reports, consumer analysis, history. Models covered include: Ranger, Citation, Station Wagon, Pacer, Corsair, Economy Six, Express V8.


Edsel: The Motor Industry's Titanic by Robert Daines (1994). The Edsel is generally passed over as a useless car. It was far from that, in fact, it wasn't such a bad car after all - but it lumbered its way to an undignified demise with all the intrigue of a political scandal, with hilarious attempts to save it that could have come straight from a Hollywood comedy writer. This book tells that story and shows that the Edsel was a victim of circumstances that turned America's dream car into Ford's worst nightmare.


Selling The People's Cadillac: The Edsel And Corporate Responsibility by Jan Deutsch (1976)


The New Edsel - What It's Like To Drive by Don Dinwiddie (1957)


The Edsel Affair: What Went Wrong? by C Warnock (1980). A narrative by Edsel Division's Public Relations Director.

The Rest Of The Edsel Affair

The Rest Of The Edsel Affair by C Warnock (2007). The second of two books that tells the story, from a highly publicized beginning to a barely noticed ending, of the Edsel automobile, introduced by Ford Motor Company in 1957.

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