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Pontiac Firebird car books include the history, production and design of the Firebird.


The Pontiac Firebird was built by the Pontiac division of General Motors between 1967 and 2002.


The Pontiac Firebird

The Pontiac Firebird by Michael Burgan (1999) describes the history, production, and design of various models of the Pontiac Firebird since its origin in the late 1960s.


Firebird by Richard Carlyon (1984). Story of the Pontiac sports car fully illustrated in colour and black and white.


Catalog Of Firebird ID Numbers 1967-1993

Catalog Of Firebird ID Numbers 1967-1993 by Cars & Parts Magazine (1995). Deciphering trim codes, verifying vehicle identification numbers (VIN), interpreting body codes and authenticating engine numbers will become a much easier process with this guide.


Pontiac High Performance Firebirds 1982-1988

Pontiac High Performance Firebirds 1982-1988 by R M Clarke (1988) is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests, new model introductions, driver's reports, technical and specification data. Models covered include Trans Am, MSE, S/E, Super Duty Firebird, HO, Super Trans Am, L69, GTA, Formula.

Pontiac Firebird 1967-1973 by R M Clarke (1981)

Firebird And Trans Am Performance Portfolio 1993-2000

Firebird And Trans Am Performance Portfolio 1993-2000 by R M Clarke (2000) includes road, comparison, and preview tests, new model introductions, performance data, and specifications. Models covered include the Firebird, Trans Am, WS6, Formula, Ram Air, Convertible and Hurst Firebird by Lingenfelter.

Firebird And Trans-Am Muscle Portfolio 1967-1972

Firebird And Trans-Am Muscle Portfolio 1967-1972 by R M Clarke (1998). Filled with road tests, comparisons, owners reports and more on Formula 400, coupe and convertible, Sprint, 230, 350, 400, Fitch-'Birds, Ram Air, Esprit and more.

Pontiac Firebird And Trans-Am 1973-1981 by R M Clarke (1989)


Pontiac Firebird: The Auto-Biography

Pontiac Firebird: The Auto-Biography by Marc Cranswick (2007). In definitive detail, the full international story of Pontiac's Firebird coupe and convertible during three decades of production. 2.5 million Firebirds have been sold around the world since 1967! Coverage includes Trans-Am, Esprit, SE, Formula & Trans-Am GT.


Firebird Pure Excitement From Pontiac

Firebird Pure Excitement From Pontiac by James Flammang (1999). The Pontiac Firebird from the 1967 Sprint to the 1994 25th Anniversary Trans Am.


Standard Catalog Of Firebird 1967-2002

Standard Catalog Of Firebird 1967-2002 by John Gunnell (2002). More than 725 model and price listings provide vehicle descriptions, serial number explanations, original price and weight charts, equipment and available production data, engine details, historical facts, VIN information, and collector values for 1967 to 1995 models. The pricing section uses the Old Cars Price Guide's 1-to-6-price condition rating scale.


Firebird And Trans Am

Firebird And Trans Am by William Holder (2002). This full-colour history chronicles Pontiacs Firebird and Trans Am from 1967 to today.


The Fabulous Firebird

The Fabulous Firebird by Michael Lamm (1980). A history of the Firebirds. Includes Trans Am and factory racing, year to year changes, limited and high performance powerplants. Complete engine and driveline specifications, option list and much more.


Firebird Trans Am

Firebird Trans Am by David Newhardt (2005). The high-performance, high-profile history of the Firebird Trans Am is presented here along with stunning color photos of choice models.


Pontiac Firebird 1967-2000: Photo History

Pontiac Firebird 1967-2000: Photo History by Geirge Scala (2000). This exciting history delivers an informative text accompanied by detailed photographs that guide you through the life of the Firebird, from the first models in 1967 to the new 2000 models. Contains engine specs and photos of clay models showing design elements, plus all the high points in Firebird's history. Production line-up models are featured, including the XP-833, Firebird, Esprit, Formula, and of course, the extremely popular Trans-Am.


Original Pontiac Firebird And Trans Am 1967-2002: The Restorer's Guide

Original Pontiac Firebird And Trans Am 1967-2002: The Restorer's Guide by Jim Schild (2007) details the Firebird's long and illustrious career. With high-quality, detailed colour photographs of some of the finer models - both originals and faithful restorations - the book is at once a unique history and a restoration guide to all four generations of the Firebird.


Pontiacs Third Generation: Firebird & Trans-Am by Martyn Schorr (1982)


Road & Track Guide To All New 93 Pontiac Firebird by R Session (1992)


Firebird Red Book

Firebird Red Book by Peter Sessler (1997) includes information on pricing, options, production figures, serial numbers, engine codes, horsepower rating, body codes and paint colours.


Firebird: America's Premier Performance Car: The Complete History 1967-1973 by Gary Witzenburg (1982) depicts the most memorable Firebirds ever produced. Hundreds of never before published drawings of concept cars. A comprehensive reference on every Firebird ever built.


Pontiac Firebird by Nicky Wright (1995). Illustrated with colour photographs, many of them from Pontiac's assembly line and company museum, this book describes the history and development of the Pontiac Firebird, one of the greatest and most powerful American sports cars from the era before engine size was limited by legislation. It takes an illustrated tour around the various classic models still in use today.

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