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Brush car books includes a 1908 Brush Runabout catalogue.

Brush Motor Company, or the "Brush Runabout Company," based in Detroit, Michigan, was founded by Alanson Partridge Brush - 1910 to 1913.

Brush Car Catalogue

Brush Trade Catalogue (1908). The Brush $500 Runabout (with pneumatic tires $50 extra). A commonsense car to run and keep running at moderate speed, but lowest cost of upkeep, greatest possible convenience, and longest life. Designed by Alanson P. Brush, designer of the single cylinder Cadillac. An illustrated brochure, printed in blue, for various Brush models. The descriptions have a certain charm: "$550 '07 Maxwell Runabout with top and searchlights, has had excellent care, runs noiselessly and is easy riding, a splendid machine for lady or doctor."

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1909 Brush Car

1909 Brush Car

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