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Cadillac car books includes many books on the history of Cadillac automobile, plus manuals for all models of Cadillac.


Cadillac is a luxury vehicle marque owned by General Motors Company. Founded in 1902 as the Cadillac Automobile Company by Henry M Leland.


Cadillac: America's Luxury Car by Robert Ackerson (1989). Each chapter is devoted to the Cadillacs produced in a particular year (from 1946 to 1989). Includes detailed profiles of every car's design, option availability and advertising strategies used etc.


Cadillac: 100 Years Of Innovation

Cadillac: 100 Years Of Innovation by Angelo Van Bogart (2003). Long before the BMW, Lexus, Infinity etc, the Cadillac was considered the standard. After surpassing Packard, it was the preferred luxury car for more than 50 years, reigning supreme among American brands. Capturing the beauty and essence of this great car, this large-format, photographic book celebrates the centennial of Cadillac.


Cadillac: The American Standard by Thomas Bonsall (1993). The definitive reference on all Cadillac history up through the early 1990s.

The Cadillac Story: The Postwar Years

The Cadillac Story: The Postwar Years by Thomas Bonsall (2003). The Cadillac story is more than the story of a car company. It is, in many ways, the story of the American automobile industry itself which, as much as any industry, drove America's growth in the twentieth century. Cadillac, again and again, played a critical role in that story, for both good and ill.


Cadillac Automobiles 1949-1959

Cadillac Automobiles 1949-1959 by R M Clarke (1970) includes road tests, specifications, technical data and owner opinions.

Cadillac In The Sixties

Cadillac In The Sixties by R M Clarke (1982)

Cadillac 1948-1958 Performance Portfolio

Cadillac 1948-1958 Performance Portfolio by R M Clarke (2004). During the '50s, Cadillac celebrated its 50th Anniversary and enjoyed the reputation of being America's favorite luxury car and this book traces the progress of the post-war 60, 61, 62 and 70 Series models. Covers the Cadillac Series 60 Special, Series 61, Series 62, Series 70, Eldorado, Brougham and Convertible. Reveals road tests, new model introductions, consumer analysis, specifications and performance data.

Cadillac Performance Portfolio 1959-1966

Cadillac Performance Portfolio 1959-1966 by R M Clarke (2004). This Cadillac portfolio covers the story of Cadillac's fabulous '59 finned models up to the elegant mid-60s cars and is told through 44 articles drawn from 3 continents. Featured are road and comparison tests, new model and drive reports, a consumer analysis plus retrospective comment. Models covered: Series 60 Special, Series 62, Series 75, Coupe & Sedan de Ville, Eldorado and Calais.


The Cadillac That Followed Me Home: Memoir Of A V-16 Dream Realized

The Cadillac That Followed Me Home: Memoir Of A V-16 Dream Realized by Christopher Cummings (2006). This memoir tells the story of a boy who grew up loving cars, learned everything he could about them, and acquired quite a few impressive models for himself, while always looking forward to the day he would, by surprising circumstance, find the automobile of his dreams. Early chapters reveal the adventure Cummings underwent renovating his first car at age 13. Over the course of his teenage years he would work to acquire three classic Cadillacs: a 1941 Cadillac Series 7523 seven-passenger touring sedan, a 1941 Cadillac Series 61 coupe, and a 1931 Cadillac Series 355A Fleetwood Cabriolet. Later chapters recount the painstaking effort he put into renovating and maintaining those coveted vehicles. The story culminates with Cummings' unexpected acquisition of the car that earned the motto Standard of the World, the 1930 V-16 Imperial Sedan limousine. In all, this memoir bears witness to an elegant sample of the best that the Classic era of automotive history had to offer.


Classic Cadillac

Classic Cadillac by Jim Dietzler (2000). This book, which is mostly pictures and captions with very little text, captures the beauty of this great car.



Cadillac by Owen Edwards & Stephen Salmieri (1985). Photographer Salmieri has traveled coast to coast, to make a portrait of America as it is reflected in the magically revealing mirror of the Cadillac. Illustrated with over 80 pictures, many hand painted by Salmieri's wife Sydnie. Broad range of images range from almost every year of the Cadillac's long life.


The Hemmings Book Of Cadillac by Terry Ehrlich (Date unknown)


Cadillac by David Fetherston (1993). Devoted to the range of Cadillac luxury automobiles produced from 1946 up to the present day. Rad Cad is a portfolio of extraordinary custom Cadillacs alongside the 50s fins and 90s limos.


Cadillac 1902-1961 by Gwil Griffiths & Rich Phillips (1976) is an illustrated history of the Cadillac motor company that chiefly contains reproductions of original Cadillac advertisements from 1902 through 1961.


Standard Catalog Of Cadillac 1903-2005

Standard Catalog Of Cadillac 1903-2005 by John Gunnell (2005). Complete coverage of every Cadillac ever produced -500 full colour photos - lists specifications, production figures, options, historical footnotes and pricing.


Cadillac: Standard Of The World

Cadillac: Standard Of The World by Shirley Haines (1993)


Cadillac: The Tailfin Years

Cadillac: The Tailfin Years by Robert Headrick (2008). An in-depth look at the years from 1948 to 1964. A chapter is devoted to each model year and provides unique facts and features, historical information, specifications, production numbers, options, prices and more. And of course, the real heart of the book is the many colourful illustrations drawn from the exciting original sales and marketing materials, original factory photos and examples of well-preserved originals still around today.


The Cadillac Century

The Cadillac Century by John Heilig (1998) places its emphasis on the importance of the vehicles in relation to America's love with its automobiles.


Cadillac At 100: Legacy Of Leadership by Maurice Hendry (2009). An authoritative, fascinating story no Cadillac enthusiast can do without. More than 230 full-colour photographs of Cadillacs through to model-year 2008, with every model, every event and every period painstakingly covered.

Cadillac: Standard Of the World: The Complete Seventy-Year History

Cadillac: Standard Of the World: The Complete Seventy-Year History by Maurice Hendry (1973). An unprecedented look at the company that has truly set the standard in terms of luxury, performance and craftsmanship. Read about how founder Henry Leland, with his obsession over precision, planned the course for the manufacturer that has not only survived volatile market conditions and changing consumer demand, but thrived in its position as the standard-bearer for GM.


Autopsy Of An Engine: And Other Stories From The Cadillac Plant

Autopsy Of An Engine: And Other Stories From The Cadillac Plant by Lolita Hernandez (2004).Each of twelve stories, told from the diverse perspective of unionized assembly line workers and management, janitors and engineers, payroll clerks and retirees, is a tribute to the grit, passion and bravado that transformed Detroit into the Motor City and the Cadillac into America's premier luxury car.


Cadillac by Bron Kowal (1985). A superb collection of quality illustrations, supported by informative captions, tell the story of some of this famous manufacturer's most noteworthy models.


Illustrated Cadillac Buyer's Guide by Richard Langworth (1986)


Cadillac ID Guide 1940-1984 by O Lehwald (1984)


How The Cadillac Got Its Fins: And Other True Tales From The Annals Of Business And Marketing by Jack Mingo (1994). Intriguing tales of how familiar products were created - why Big Mac is so hot, how the Life Saver got its hole, why there is an O in Jell-O - provide insight into marketing machinations and a backstage view of the boardroom.


Cadillacs Of The Sixties by Roy Schneider (1995). The material contained within these pages provides a unique source of primary information for both enthusiast and historian.

Cadillacs Of The Forties by Roy Schneider (1976). The dramatic story and pictorial record of this unique automotive heritage. A throughly researched and profusely illustrated chapter covers each model year from 1940 through to 1949.

Cadillac: 1950 - 1959 Motor Cars

Cadillac: 1950 - 1959 Motor Cars by Roy Schneider (1996). Drawn from institutional literature such as data books, press kits, sales catalogs and technical publications. Thus, the material contained within these pages provides a unique source of primary information for both enthusiast and historian


Get Your Cadillac Fixed Right by Mort Schultz (1990)


Standard Catalog Of Cadillac: 1903-1990

Standard Catalog Of Cadillac: 1903-1990 by Mary Siebert (1991). Techs and specs, original factory prices, production and serial numbers, and engine/chassis codes are noted by model, thus helping you determine authenticity accuracy.


Classic Cars: Cadillac

Classic Cars: Cadillac by Leroi Smith (1983) gives a valuable insight into what makes Cadillac a world-beater and a quality luxury car at a price well below its European rivals. Everything is here, from the legendary self starter to the great V-12 and V-16 Cadillacs of the thirties, the first OHV V-8, the famous fin and on, to the mini-Cadillac of today, the Cimmeron. A wealth of new colour photographs, featuring Cadillacs from 1903 to 1983 and including great cars from the classic period, enhance the lively text.


Great Marques: Cadillac by Andrew Whyte (1989) tells the story of Cadillac and the text is specially prepared so that the book can be read as a concise history of the company. Each car is illustrated by a full-page plate, and there are technical specifications and a brief history on the reverse of the sheet.


Cadillac: The Enduring Legend by Nicky Wright (1989)


For the classic Cadillac Allante, Eldorado and Seville models, go to....

The Calais is a full-size luxury car made by Cadillac from 1965 to 1976.

Cadillac Calais Manuals

1965 Cadillac Calais

The Cadillac Cimarron was a compact car built by Cadillac and first introduced in 1981 for the 1982 model year and sold through to 1988.

Cadillac Cimarron Manuals

1984 Cadillac Cimarron Commercial

DeVille was originally a trim level and later a model of General Motors' Cadillac marque from 1949 to present.

Cadillac DeVille Manuals

Cadillac DeVille Timeline 1949-2005

The Coupe de Ville was a model of Cadillac from 1949 through to 1993.

Cadillac Coupe De Ville Manuals

1949 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

The Fleetwood name was used on the top of the Cadillac line since 1927.

Cadillac Fleetwood Manuals

1953 Cadillac Fleetwood

The Sixty Special name has been used at Cadillac to denote a special model since 1938.

Cadillac Sixty Special Manuals

1939 Cadillac Sixty Special

The Cadillac Series 60 was the company's mid-priced vehicle line when it appeared in 1936.

Cadillac Series 60 Manuals

1963 Cadillac Feetwood Series 60

The Series 61 replaced the small Series 60/65 (except for the upscale Sixty Special) in 1939.

Cadillac Series 61 Manuals

The Series 62 was a series of cars produced by Cadillac, designed to replace the mid-sized Series 70 in 1941.

Cadillac Series 62 Manuals

1955 Cadillac Convertible - 331V8 Series 62

The Cadillac V-16 was Cadillac's top-of-the-line car from its January 1930 launch until production ceased in 1940.


Vanderbilt Cadillac V-16 by Bud Juneau (1987)

Cadillac V-16 Manuals

1930 Cadillac V16 2/4 Passenger Convertible Coupe

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