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Buick car books covers the history of the Buick company and all the Buick automobiles.


Buick originated as the Buick Motor Company, an independent motor-car manufacturer, and was incorporated in 1903, by David Dunbar Buick in Detroit, Michigan. It was taken over by William Durant and General Motors.


How To Build Max-Performance Buick Engines

How To Build Max-Performance Buick Engines by Jefferson Bryant (2008).The first performance engine book ever published on the Buick family of engines. This book covers everything from the Nailheads of the '50s and early '60s, to the later evolutions of the Buick V-8 through the '60s and '70s, through to the turbo V-6 models of the '70s and '80s.


Buick Cars 1929-1939 by R M Clarke (date unknown)

Buick Automobiles 1947-1960 by R M Clarke (1987)

Buick Muscle Cars 1965-1970 by R M Clarke (1984)

Buick Performance Portfolio 1947-1962

Buick Performance Portfolio 1947-1962 by R M Clarke (2000). The early post war Buicks retained early-40s styling but this had changed by 1950. These years were very successful years even if the products were not always at the leading edge of technology, performance or styling. The Dynaflow automatic transmission was ordered on some 85% of all new Buicks by 1951 although the overhead-valve V8 was not introduced until 1953. After the chrome-and-fins era in 1958 the early 1960s produced some well proportioned cars. In this compilation of road tests, driving impressions, specification and performance data and model introductions, the cars covered are: Dynaflow Buicks, 50-series Super, Roadmaster 41, Super Riviera V8, Century, Century Special, Roadmaster Special, Special Estate Wagon, Century Hardtop, Limited, Invicta, Electra, Electra 225, Le Sabre, Special, Skylark, Wildcat

Buick Muscle Portfolio 1963-1973

Buick Muscle Portfolio 1963-1973 by R M Clarke (1999) is a compilation of road and comparison tests, driving impressions, model introductions and performance data. Models covered are Skylark Special, Wildcat, Electra 225, Super Wildcat, LeSabre 400 Sport CoupT, Skylark Gran Sport, Riviera Gran Sport, GS400, California GS, GS430, Stage 1 GS400, GS455, GS455 Stage 1, GS350, GSX455, GSX455 Stage 1, Centurion, Century Regal.


Seventy Years Of Buick by George Dammann (1973) includes photos, David Dunbar Buick, Model D-45, Series 60 Line, Series 80 Limited Line, Flamingo, Electra 225 Riviera Sedan and Corvette.


The Buick: A Complete History

The Buick: A Complete History by Terry Dunham (1980). From 1904 to the present, this book is the authoritative, intimately fascinating story superbly told by two of the most respected automotive historians, each having devoted more than a decade to researching, interviewing, documenting and recording one of the great sagas of our time. Here is a book that has become the most treasured and inexhaustible reference work on this great marque. And now, to commemorate Buick's centennial, the new sixth edition expands to include information through model year 2004. Include chapters on Buick racing cars; the Buick in Hollywood; the custom-bodied Buick; the Royal Buicks; heraldry and mascots of the marque; Buick around the world, with new information on ventures into China. For the Buick builder, the enthusiast, the collector, the dealer and the owner, it will be the bible on Buick.


Buick / Skylark / Riviera / Electra 225 / Roadmaster Parts Locating Guide

Buick / Skylark / Riviera / Electra 225 / Roadmaster Parts Locating Guide by Adam Gimbel (2004). The largest source of parts information anywhere. Thousands of new, used and custom Buick parts and literature dealers, clubs, specialty salvage yards and companies that repair and restore original parts. Organized to find what you need quickly and cheaply. Any year, any part, any Buick.


Standard Catalog Of Buick 1903-2004

Standard Catalog Of Buick 1903-2004 by John Gunnell (2004). Celebrate 100 years of Buick history with this wonderful reference, including 20,000 model and price listings. Owners ofall types of Buicks and anyone with an interest in the cars willenjoy this comprehensive listing of every Buick ever built, with all new information on models from 2001-2004 now included.


David Buick's Marvelous Motor Car: The Men And The Automobile That Launched General Motors

David Buick's Marvelous Motor Car: The Men And The Automobile That Launched General Motors by Lawrence Gustin (2006). Buick Motor Company, which formed the foundation for General Motors, had the management of stars, said legendary GM executive Alfred P. Sloan Jr. Indeed, early Buick leaders included the charismatic Billy Durant, founder of GM; Charles Nash, a founder of what became American Motors; Walter Chrysler, founder of Chrysler Corporation; Walter Marr, Buick's first chief engineer, who was interacting with Henry Ford before the turn of the last century; and Louis Chevrolet, a Buick racing star before lending his name to another Durant enterprise.


Buick Muscle Cars

Buick Muscle Cars by Bill Holder & Phillip Kunz (1996). This detailed development history is told in the words of the men who designed, built and raced the Buick OHV V-8 of the early 1950s, the Century, Wildcat, Riviera (1963-65), Skylark Gran Sport (1965-67), Gran Sport (1968-72), GSX, Regal Turbo, Grand National-GNX and Reatta. Filled with historical photographs, advertisements and original drawings from Buick archives. Also includes Buick pace and concept cars.


Walter L Marr: Buick's Amazing Engineer

Walter L Marr: Buick's Amazing Engineer by Beverley Kimes (2007) is an excellent biography of Buick's brilliant and innovative Chief Engineer, Walter Lorenzo Marr. Deeply committed to 'valve in head' engines and other important elements, Marr's contributions made the Buick one of America's most desirable automobiles in the early part of the Twentieth Century. Extensively researched and illustrated, this volume is from the wealth of material in the Marr Family archives and essential for Buick enthusiasts and automotive historians.


Illustrated Buick Buyer's Guide - Cars From 1946

Illustrated Buick Buyer's Guide - Cars From 1946 by Richard Langworth (1988). Complete handbook for buyers and owners, full of detailed photos, production lists and problem area descriptions.


Buick: When Better Automobiles Are Built, Buick Will Build Them by Mitch Mayborn (1974)


Biography Of A Buick

Biography Of A Buick by Bill Morris (1992)


Buick 1946-1978: The Postwar Years By Jan Norbye (1993). Model-by-model history, technical specificatiions and historic photographs.


Buick: 1946-1960 Photo Archive

Buick: 1946-1960 Photo Archive by Byron Olsen (2006) highlights General Motors oldest division during some of its most successful and exciting years, 1946 through to 1960. When World War II ended in 1945, Buick was champing at the bit to forge ahead in the sales race with its reputation for size, prestige and straight eight cylinder power in every model. By 1954, Buick succeeded in reaching third place in sales, ahead of Plymouth. But after a few heady years among the sales leaders, some unfortunate styling decisions in 1957 and 1958 would topple Buick from the leadership pedestal. Share these heady days of growth and success for an American automotive icon with superb quality original factory photos from the time when Buick was one of America's most popular automobiles. Relive the arrival of 'ventiports', Dynaflow drive, sweep spears of chrome, and all of the other Buick trademarks that became part of the American lexicon.


Standard Catalog Of Buick: 1903-1990

Standard Catalog Of Buick: 1903-1990 by Mary Sieber (1991) is a 'must-have' for any Buick enthusiast. It includes many articles written by recognized Buick historians. A complete year by year description of each model with specs and pictures. All the things you want to know about your Buick.


Buick Gran Sports: A Source Book

Buick Gran Sports: A Source Book by Perry Zavitz (1984)


The Buick Special was an automobile produced by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors, from 1936 to 1958 and from 1961 to 1973.

Buick Special Manuals

1957 Buick Special

The Buick Super was a full-sized automobile produced from 1940-1942 and from 1946-1958.

Buick Super Manuals

1948 Buick Super Eight Convertible

The Roadmaster was an automobile built by the Buick division of General Motors. Buick first used the Roadmaster name between 1936 and 1958.

Buick Roadmaster Manuals

1948 Buick Roadmaster Series 70 Convertible

Buick Century is the model name used by the Buick division of General Motors for a line of full-size performance vehicles from 1936 to 1942 and 1954 to 1958, and from 1973 to 2005 for a mid-size car.

Buick Century Manuals

1958 Buick Century

The Buick Skylark was a passenger car produced by the Buick division of General Motors. The model was made in production runs - 1953-1954, 1961-1972, 1975-1998.

Buick Skylark Manuals

1954 Buick Skylark

The Buick Limited was an automobile built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors between 1936 and 1942 and during model year 1958.

Buick Limited Manuals

1958 Buick Limited

The Buick LeSabre was a full-size car made by the Buick division of General Motors from 1959 to 2005.


Buick LeSabre Limited Collectors Edition 1985 A Commemorative History by Frederick Willman (1985)

Buick LeSabre Manuals

1959 Buick LeSabre 364 V8

The Buick Invicta was a full-sized automobile produced by General Motors' Buick Motor Division from 1959 to 1963.

Buick Invicta Manuals

1959 Buick Invicta

The Buick Electra and the Buick Electra 225 are full-size premium automobiles built by the Buick division of General Motors. The Electra name was used by Buick between 1959 and 1990.

Buick Electra Manuals

1959 Buick Electra

The Buick Riviera is an automobile produced by Buick from the 1963 to 1999.


Buick Riviera Performance Portfolio 1963-1978

Buick Riviera Performance Portfolio 1963-1978 by R M Clarke (2000). This book of road tests, model introductions, comparison tests, specification and performance data tells the story. Models covered are 401, 425, Gran Sport 425, 430, 430GS, 455GS, 455 Stage 1, 455, 403, 350.

Buick Riviera Manuals

1963 Buick Riviera

The Buick Wildcat was a full-size automobile produced by the Buick Division of General Motors from 1962 to 1970.

Buick Wildcat Manuals

1962 Buick Wildcat

The Buick Skyhawk is an automobile that was manufactured by the Buick division of General Motors from 1975 through to 1989.

Buick Skyhawk Manuals

1975 Buick Skyhawk Commercial

The Buick Centurion was sold by the Buick division of General Motors from 1971 through to 1973.

Buick Centurion Manuals

1972 Buick Centurion

The Buick Regal is a mid-size car produced by General Motors beginning in 1973.

Buick Regal Manuals

1974 Buick Regal

The Buick Somerset was a compact car produced by General Motors between 1985 and 1987.

Buick Somerset Manuals

1986 Buick Somerset Commercial

Buick used the Estate name on their full-size station wagons. Estate Wagon was first offered on the 1940 Super model.

Buick Estate Wagon Manuals

1950 Buick Super Estate Wagon

Check out the article on the History of Buick.

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