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Dodge Eight and Six car books include instruction and information manuals on the Dodge Brothers Six and Eight models.

In late 1930, Dodge Brothers added a new eight-cylinder line to complement the existing Senior six-cylinder. This basic format of a dual line with Six and Eight models continued through to 1934.

Dodge Brothers Eight: Instruction Book 1930 Dodge Brothers Corporation

Dodge Brothers Six Instruction Book Codes DR & D5 1934

Dodge Brothers Six (Code DP) Instruction Book For Cars After Serial Number 3,579001 1933

Dodge Brothers Six (Code DH) Instruction Book 1931

Dodge Brothers Six Instruction Book For Cars After Serial Number D001WP 1930

Specification Sheet (Untitled & Undated) Six Dodge models, including Type A Sedan, Type B Sedan, Roadster, Touring, Business Coupe and Coach are illustrated.

Book Of Information. Dodge Brothers Motor Car 1917

Book Of Information - Dodge Brothers Motor Car 1916

Dodge Brother Eight And Six Cars

1928 Dodge Brothers Standard Six

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